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The Complete Course on
Nutrition Coaching

with Jackie Furlong

The Complete Course on
Nutrition Coaching

with Jackie Furlong

Get Better Patients Outcomes


  • Improve Your Patients’ Overall Health
  • Do the Course in a Weekend, Then Get Started Coaching
  • You Can Charge Separately for Coaching Visits
  • A New Source of Practice Revenue
  • A Complete “Business-in-a-Box” Course with All You Need to Get Started


nutrition coaching

nutrition coach

Here’s What the Course Consists of:


  • Instruction on exactly how to do nutrition coaching
  • 12 fully prepared lessons which you can start delivering to patients right away
  • Instruction on how to create your own custom lessons
  • Tools for managing client flow
  • Client assessment tools for handling people who think they know it all already
  • How to incorporate coaching into a practice
  • 38 instructional videos, over 10 hours of video instruction
  • Downloadable documents for handouts, easily customizable to your practice
  • Online support
  • Eligible for 13 CEUs through NCCAOM

Full price: $1,495

Plus Receive These Bonuses:

And if you sign up for the course within the next 5 days, you will get these extra bonuses:

  • 6 months free membership in my Master Class monthly Zoom call ($240 Value)
  • Exclusive MetroEast staff recipes eBook to give out to patients ($20 Value)
  • Strengthen your immune system eBook to give out to patients  ($20 Value)




Here’s what you’ll be able to do when you buy this package:


  • Get better overall patients outcomes
  • Reduce the practitioner time spent with each patient
  • Add an additional revenue source to your practice

What’s All This Worth?

Now, we’re not going to charge you the total amount above. But let me ask you a question, if all this course would do was help you improve your own health to the best level of your life, would it be worth the total amount?

I had two options when finding a price for this offer: I could make this the cheapest tool available and sell as many as I could (which wouldn’t incentivize me at all to continue doing this, would it?). But I wouldn’t be around very long and I want to support you for the long term. Or, I could price it to where it requires a little more investment (but in exchange I can devote more resources to guarantee your success).

So How Much Will You Actually Pay?

So this entire package is worth $1,775, But because I want more practitioners to benefit from this program, I am going to offer this to you for $895 for one person to do the course.

Use the coupon code 895NOW.



Jackie Furlong

What If I Want to Have An Additional Associate or Staff Do the Course?

The $895 price is for one person to do the course. The cost for one additional staff member in the same practice to do the course is an additional $600. Just click the button at right, then check the box at the bottom of the page to add an associate.

The cost for a third, fourth, etc. person from the same practice is an additional $200 per person. Contact Mike Russell at 727-683-5896 to add more staff.

Use the Coupon Code 895NOW

“We require every client to go through the 12 sessions of nutritional coaching and it has been so good for our clients. They are learning how to eat and what to eat, many have lost weight and are feeling great in their health. Our staff really like the ease of the coaching sessions.”

Michele Fuller, CHHP

“The course was enjoyable and I learned a lot. Rather than researching and reinventing my own nutrition coaching program, This “business out of the box” was more efficient and it has allowed my practice to implement nutrition coaching in a minimum amount of time and effort. I know this will benefit, both patients and my practice. Thanks for developing it.”

Michael Blackman, DC

NCCAOM Nutrition Coaching

13 CEUs Through NCCAOM

On completing the Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching, NCCAOM licensed Acupuncturists and Doctors of Oriental Medicine receive 13 CEUs through NCCAOM.
Course documentation is available upon request for other healthcare professionals who wish to apply to their state board for continuing education credits. Submission of documentation by others does not guarantee approval for CEUs as requirements vary from state to state.

NCCAOM PDA Provider # 1018.